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throughout my life i always felt i was surviving something, or getting past the next obstacle. i grew up in a society that made me feel as if being a woman was an handicap, being poor an embarassment and being disabled monstrous. as i came out of adolescence, left my home country and family i came more and more to realize that i am sick of just surviving, and that i want to work as hard as i can towards change. in my personal life and in society at large.
things are not the way they are because of some prescribed natural order, but as a result of choices made by individuals, informed at least partially by societal, cultural and historical influences. deconstructing unhealthy and detrimental power structures is a slow labor, but possible with some imagination and a unified effort.

i am writing publicly because i want to be more accountable for it than if i was just using a private journal, and because coming from a big city, and now living in a small town (for the time being), leaves me feeling more isolated than i would like to be

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You are such an amazing and inspiring person.


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