Results! Results!

I felt pretty tentative sharing information publicly because I had little proof that things would work, besides saying “this is what I am learning, here it is…”. Finally, I can say that I have some really tangible ways to connect what I have learned, and how I changed lots of things in my life to respond to being sick, to actual results.

Last year, when I was diagnosed with fibroids, I was also found to be anemic, have a low white cell count, and high glucose.  I just got my blood work results, and 10 months after the abnormal ones, I am no longer anemic, and everything else is normal. On a practical/monetary note, I actually delayed getting blood work done because I could not find an affordable way to do it, but I discovered that the Chicago Women Health Center has a sliding scale blood test ranging from 25$ to 80$.

In addition the fibroid has not grown, and it has actually shrunk slightly. The symptoms ( heavy bleeding, pain, weakness, nausea, dizziness) have also improved severely.

It is a longer road to try to get better this way, but it feels much more permanent and deep than taking the pill to stanch the bleeding, or an operation to remove the fibroid without addressing the imbalance that caused it in the first place. In the past year, with the death of Steve Jobs, there has been so much talk of how he would not have died if he had not subscribed to “wacky”, “alternative” treatment like acupuncture or diet change. It sucks to think that such dissing may discourage people from taking care of themselves in ways that could be very helpful.

For me, at least, changing my diet, exercise routine, and adding yoga and acupuncture actually helped me manage and heal from a medical condition. I’ll be happy to share more in-depth info if anyone needs it.

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Hi there,

I found your blog from a Google search because I, too, have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids. It looks like it’s been awhile since you’ve posted, but I thought I’d reach out anyway. I had been vegetarian (and a pretty strict one, too, though my love for cheese, sugar, and French fries was probably out of control) for 5 years when I was diagnosed. Never over-weight (I actually have trouble gaining weight!), conscious eater, never consumed alcohol, VERY physically active with dance and yoga- you name it. But, like you, I did have the stress.

For me the big-pharma route of getting on the pill, taking diabetes meds, and/or surgery were completely out of the question. One doctor told me I needed to eat meat, which obviously freaked me out and added to my stress levels. Against my will, I gave in and ate fish occasionally for 2 years, but gave that up 6 months ago to go completely vegan and gluten-free (for fibroid AND allergy reasons). I LOVE food and this has been such a challenge for me, feeling nearly option-less because the foods that are available to me don’t seem to give me the energy I need to maintain my profession as an (extremely athletic) dancer. A couple of weeks ago I realized I was barely eating because I felt like nearly everything was making my fibroids and allergies the same or worse. Not acceptable!

I would love it if you could share any insights on your journey. I’m at a loss as far as what to do/how to eat, how to afford this expensive diet, and how to have the energy to sustain my profession. Though I live in NY now, I’m from Chicago and reading your posts really made me miss Chicago Women’s Health Center! They saved my butt a number of times with their sliding scale! Anyway, any insights you might have would be greatly appreciated. Blessings!

Comment by Keisha

Like Keisha I’ve read your blog and just wanted to reach out. How are you doing now? What is the latest on your fibroids, diet, lifestyle etc? I was diagnosed with fibroids a few months ago and had a myomectomy (am still recovering and was left with nerve damage). Have changed my diet, which was so hard at first but am slowly getting my head round it!
Am taking supplements and having acupuncture. What are your thoughts on phytoestrogens – are they a do or a dont? What are your thoughts on the idea that fibroids are the result of ‘stifled creativity’ is there anything in it or is that just bonkers??
Anyway, reading your blog has helped tremendously please dont stop posting 🙂
Amy, from UK

Comment by amy

I am so glad the posts were helpful!
I have not taken phytoestrogens because the research I could find was a mix bag, and I did not feel confident it would be helpful.
I did read a lot about fibroids and stress/trauma and the correlation between the two. It seems there there is a higher incident of fibroids in women that have experienced trauma (sexual violence in particular) or prolonged stress. I found an excellent acupuncturist that has experience with trauma/PTSD/stress therapy and it has really helped. I also started counseling, which has helped reduce stress and address trauma. Diet is mostly vegan, with some greek yogurt and fresh cheese. Exercise is walking/biking/yoga, but very moderate, as I started having hip issues from running and a past bike accident. The fibroids have remained the same size since I was diagnosed, but at my last check up in November they also found cysts ( which I guess are related to fibroids). So it is a slow process, and the good thing for me has been that it has forced me to look closely at my “demons”, and to take some time to address them.

Thanks so much for reaching out, and I hope you can find the support you need as you move forward!

Comment by beyondmeresurvival

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