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The diet is really helping.

No dairy or gluten for now, but the symptoms of the fibroid have definitely taken a turn for the better. Less hemorrhaging, pain, bloating, etc.

Without a doubt it is very demanding to eat gluten-free and dairy free. It takes a lot of planning and it makes me feel like a party pooper. Food is absolutely a way of sharing experience and a means for people to spend time together, but the way I am eating poses a real challenge to that.

I am starting to think that isolation is another major impact of disease. It creates a wall between people. It has happen numerous times in the past two weeks that people have offered me food, or that communal food was bought to share at school, and I had to say no. When asked why I am not eating it’s very uncomfortable to explain the reasons behind my ‘no’, and just saying ‘I don’t eat dairy and gluten’ makes it seem like I am some self-righteous asshole. Even being vegetarian felt that way sometimes, as if saying “I am vegetarian” was read as really saying “I think that the fact you eat meat is very bad and I am better than you”.

I am trying to get better at figuring out how to not let my medical needs create an insurmountable distance between me and others.

The good news still is that the diet is making a difference, in conjunction with acupuncture, medicine ( Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan ), and exercise.  No surgery or short-term palliatives.

I am also learning to cook foods I have never eaten before like amaranth and millet, so I will post recipes soon!

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Hey Chiara, I know what you mean about the little isolations of diet and stuff, especially GF (and especially here in Japan). When I tell people about it here, they’re like “you can’t eat soy sauce or fried stuff and you came here anyway? Why?” But like you said it’s made me a better cook, and with things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. And it’s also motivated me to do a lot of experimenting and make enough to share, which is good for un-isolating. Which reminds me, I just found a really easy and flexible pancake recipe you should try (if that’s not too much in your “NO” column). I have to track it down…

Comment by Tom W

p.s. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!

Comment by Tom W

thanks Tom!
it’s nice to hear from you! it seems like you have been gone forever!!

Comment by beyondmeresurvival

OK, here it is:

To make regular pancakes with this I use a little bit more liquid or sub an egg for the banana (this helps it stick less too). But I’m sure you can substitute the sweetener, you can use brown rice or other flours, and it’s good with whatever kind of (non-)milk. It’s super fast to make, too. I have been eating a lot of pancakes lately.

Comment by Tom W

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