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December 11, 2008, 9:05 pm
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i always expected, to a certain extent,to have a parental freak out after one of the school presentations, though it never came, until tuesday. I had been going to one of the middle school for the first two of the five presentations, the ones where i talk about gender expectations, the links between sexism, homophobia, racism and privilege, and the dynamics of relationships based on equality VS the ones based on power and control. no sex ed so far, right?

not according to a parent that called the health teacher (who hosts the presentations during his lesson) freaking out that her kid was getting sex ed without her knowledge. so the presentations were stopped, until all parents could get a detailed letter with the lesson plan.  i feel pretty conflicted. it was a hard class without a doubt, with kids continuously making dumb jokes about being gay, and one kid even writing KKK on the backside of a post it note i had given them for an activity. it was not fun to be there, and i almost felt sadomasochistic in having to go  and do the lessons. i had kids (age 12) that repeatedly told me men should have more power in the relationship because that is what is natural. fuck. what do you do with that?

at the same time precisely because of seeing such a powerful foundation of hate and prejudice i wanted to have a discussion with them, to tease out the roots of those beliefs that lead a person to believe they are better than another, and entitled to control. but nope. apparently i was sneakily trying to teach some -god forbid- sexual education.

i am still figure out how to handle these things when they come up. talk to the parent? i don’t even know if the school would even give me their contact info. anyone had similar experiences ?

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I completely agree with you here, and I’m also a firm believer that we need more sex ed in public schools as well (I know of several girls in my old high school who got pregnant simply because they were uneducated).

I can only imagine how hard some of this stuff is to do, but (after reading some of your posts) I applaud the work you are doing. Keep it up.

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